My Prayer

Last week I noticed something interesting.

One day, I’d been listening to almost all the sayings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible. Every saying was something I’d heard before, but listening to all in a matter of a few hours gave me a perspective I had not before seen.

I recommend this!

What I saw starts with the second great commandment, “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” This principle is also shared and taught by a wide range of belief systems and is often referred to as The Golden Rule. It has been around a very long time, though not always in practice, of course. The contrast was found in Christ’s command to His disciples, when He told them, “Love one another, even as I have loved you, love one another.”

Even as I have loved you…I keep thinking about this, trying to allow this to fully sink in. Something tells me I could spend a lifetime doing so. First I imagine myself feeling its warmth on my face, through my skin, to muscle, and through bone, in my mind, my heart, my every word. My actions, my habits, my thoughts, my gestures…what if they were all a prayer seeking this principle? What if all that I am were a supplication to God to help me love as Christ loves?

I imagine this and I remember something I said last year. It was my fantasy, I described, to be a beam of energy traveling forwards and backwards in time, through dimensions, across the universe, all over the planet, to observe and experience. And, CLICK.  I believe that if my life were this prayer, I would be as close as possible to the beaming, seeing, universe-knowing energy.

Truly, the structure of all matter in the universe is not based on components, but on relationships. Such relationships are repeated over and over, across space and time, and they result in amazing forces, both brutal and delicate. Yet they all come down to how one energy relates to another energy. So, how am I relating?  How am I loving?


Committing myself to this would probably reveal some painful answers to those questions. But that’s part of the package, isn’t it? Aspiring exposes failure. However, the failure is there with or without the aspiration. One step to another, inspiration and revelation will come in aspiration.

So, this my aspiration, to know Christ’s love, to live it. “Be excellent to each other;” in my heart, I know this is better than the Golden Rule. And it’s my prayer.


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